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Road Conditions Due to Heavy Rains
01/21/10 - 04:28 PM
WMBB News Department
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Panama City

All of the previously listed roadways are either draining off or are no longer closed. The Panama City Police Department would like to thank the community for their efforts and for notifying us of the problem areas. We would also continue to caution motorist that although the roadways are draining, water may still be pooling in the low-lying areas.

Walton County

DeFuniak Springs, FL (January 21, 2010) – At this time, the Walton County Public Works Department has closed the following roads due to Flood Conditions:

(1). County Road-192
(2). Highway 2 West at Caney Creek
(3). Highway 2A
(4). Brown Rd.
(5). Boy Scout Rd.
(6)  Highway 81 South of Ponce de Leon at Hughes Rd.
(7). Highway 81 North of Bruce at Billy Ward Branch (Willie Ward Rd.)
(8). Indian Creek Ranch Rd.
(9). Senterfitt Rd. at the Bridge
(10) River Rd.
(11). Chesser Rd. at the Bridge
(12). Crooked Creek Rd.(West end)
(13). Campground Rd. 331
(14). Ward Rd.
(15). Raley Rd.
(16). Purvey Campbell Rd.
(17). Edgewood Circle at the pond.
(18). Earl Godwin at the pond.


Washigton County

Alford Rd. At county line - Barricaded but not closed.
Alford Rd. At Porter Rd. - Barricaded but not closed.
Orange Hill Rd. At Pioneer - Barricaded but not closed.
Douglas Ferry At Highway 277 - Barricaded but not closed.
Highway 79 At the Tom Thumb in Vernon - Barricaded but not closed.
Highway 79 At Mallery Rd & Clemmons Rd - Open as of 10:07AM
Moss Hill Rd. At High School in Vernon - Barricaded but not closed.
Fanning Branch Rd. - Water over road; Barricaded but not closed.
Wilcox Crossing North of Highway 90 - Barricaded-Impassable
Highway 280 At Highway 284 (Hinson Crossroads area) Public Works - Barricaded but not closed.
Fourth Ave. At Dirt Portion @ Reedy Creek Wausau - Barricaded but not closed.
Pioneer Rd. East of Hwy 77 at the new park in Wausau - Barricaded but not closed.
Monroe St. At the dirt portion of road - Barricaded but not closed.
Hwy 279 At Vernon Middle School - Water over road, not closed
Pioneer Rd. Several areas between Vernon & Wausau - Water over road, not closed
Cook Cir. Entire Road under water - Water over road, not closed
Dawkins St. Entire Road under water - Water over road, not closed
Ollie Rd. Just before Ambus Rd. - Water over road, not closed
Ollie Rd. At Ledger Rd. - Water over road-Impassable
Ledger Rd. At Pioneer Rd. - Water over road-Impassable
Roland Rd. From Suggs Road east to Orange Hill Hwy. - Water over road-Impassable
Palmer Dr. Between Highway 90 and Railroad Tracks - Water over road.
Walters Rd. At Bonnett Pond Rd. End - Barricaded open at this time
Pioneer Rd. At Bonnett Pond Rd. P.W. - Barricaded open at this time
Gainer Rd. At Clark Lane - Barricaded- Impassable Closed
Sylvania Rd. Entire road under water in places - Under water-open at this time
Clemmons Rd. Entire road under water in places - Under water-Impassable
Owens Community Rd. Entire road under water in places - Water over road-open at this time
Duty Rd. At Pioneer - Water over road-Open at this time
Armstrong Mill Rd Culvert halfway washed out will be barricaded as soon as P.W. receives more barricades from FDOT
Ostrich Lane Entire Road - Impassable-Closed
Church Street Entire Road - Barricaded-Impassable-Closed
Sessoms St Entire Road - Water over road-Open at this time.
Foxworth Rd. Between Clayton Rd. & Joiner Rd. - Road completely washed out.
Firetower Rd On East side at Reedy Creek - Barricaded-CLOSED
South Blvd. At Hoyt St. - Damage to roadway & ditch-OPEN
Ben Rd. From Hwy 77 to Ambus Lane - Will be barricaded-CLOSED 3 ft of water is over the roadway.
Acy Rd. - CLOSED
John’s Way - CLOSED
Bonnie Lane Off of Highway 77 before Finch Cir. - CLOSED
Duncan Community Road North of Sweet Bay Road - CLOSED

Holmes County

The order closing all Holmes County roads lifted this morning at daylight, however, the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners, Emergency Management, and the Sheriff’s Office urge anyone traveling Holmes County Roads to use extreme caution for necessary travel only.  Road Crews will be working throughout the county to assess damages and address problems. Some roads will remain closed while others may have obstructions that have not been reported.

It is crucial to your safety that caution is used while traveling. If you see water crossing a road way or bridge, do not drive through it, turn around. Any obstructions on roadways should be reported to the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, Holmes County Emergency Management, or Holmes County Public Works.

Those numbers are:

Sheriff’s Office

Emergency Management

Public Works

For a list of reported road closures, please visit www.holmescountyfl.com and click the Emergency Management Link.

Okaloosa County

Storm Closes Roads in North Okaloosa County

The following roads have closed due to flooding and hazardous conditions:

Helms Farm Road

County Line Road

Old Antioch Road (@ Ashley)

Lynwood Jackson Road

Steele Road (@ Penny Creek)

Dodson Road West (@ Penny Creek)

Peaden Bridge on Peaden Bridge Road (in Blackwater Forest area)

Fairchild Road

Adams Road

Barnes Road

Okaloosa Lane

Dairy Road

Grandview Dr.

393 Tick Havin

Mud slick on Gartman

East Chestnut

Hwy. 4A East end

South in Mary Esther, Hollywood Boulevard between Mary Esther Blvd and Christobal is washed out. We will continue to monitor roads throughout the day.


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