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Unemployment Tax Hike on Hold
01/22/10 - 09:48 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

It could mean major changes for small businesses as state legislators postpone their decision to increase unemployment taxes.  The tax is paid per employee to fund state unemployment. 

“You have to take into consideration when you hire, how much it’s going to cost to have that person it’s not just the salary you pay them but the taxes and stuff you have to pay associated with them,” said Robert Wright, owner of The Cheese Barn.  Wright has been running his own restaurant for 28 years, paying all of the taxes and fees that go with it.

State leaders plan on increasing the tax from about $8 minimum per employee, to $100 per employee.  Wright says already the economy has taken a toll on his business, and this tax increase would be detrimental.

“There’s a lot of people in my position, they’ve had to cut back on their staff,” he said, “Anytime you raise taxes it makes it a further hindrance towards hiring new people.”

The increase was slated for the Spring, as unemployment numbers continue to rise, but legislators pledged to delay and seek alternative options.  Wright says if the increase goes through, the state’s unemployment problems will persist.

“If I don’t hire, people don’t get paid, they don’t spend money,” he said, ” it hurts me and it hurts other businesses too.”

Wright and other employers are holding out hope the hike won’t go through.

“I don’t think it will.  I really don’t,” he said, “If you look at the state of Florida, they’re pragmatic and realistic.”

State leaders are considering a longer-term loan from the Federal government, or a smaller increase to supplement funds.

User Comments

Tree farms should have a higher tax when the trees are marketable,however,not harvested
Sounds like a Saint tax

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/23  at  11:40 PM

The State will find a way to tax the business or the people. For some reason the state can not cut back on their budget, just like business got to do or the employee’s which have their hours’ cut or the one’s that are unemployed. If they keep taken from the people and business in Florida than there will not be any business to work at in Florida.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/23  at  03:52 PM
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