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News 13 Creative Services

A video production facility located in Panama City, Florida. We provide a complete range of professional, quality services and you will find our pricing structure extremely competitive. We will earn your trust!  Call for pricing and production questions.


Let us take care of your business image.  We provide the high-quality look you need to sell your business.

  • Get high-end production values for the best value in the area.
  • Most talented creative service team in the area, 25 years combined “Big Market” experience in video/graphics production.
  • Let us produce your commercial, infomercial, and long-form video!  We can also design your logo, produce a flash animation, animate a logo, and offer you the most extensive music library only available in our creative service department in the area.


Our tools to make your business look the best.

  • 3 Professional Panasonic Cameras (DVCPro, MiniDV, P2) to shoot in 30I or 24P mode.
  • Complete Field and Studio Lighting kits
  • Accessories include, 20’ Dolly, Jib/Crane, camera stabilizers, tripods, wireless microphones and portable green screen.


Recognition from the Ad Federation of the America

2008 Addy Awards of Excellence

  • Self Promotion Single (Titan 13 “Real Power”)     
  • Commerical TV Campaign (Granny Cantrell’s)  *Gold Addy
  • Special Effects in Video/Film  (News 13 Christmas 2007) *Gold Addy (also Judges Choice Award)
  • Self Promotion Image Campaign (News 13 Proof of Benefit) *Gold Addy
  • TV PSA (Chamber of Commerce for Panama City Beach)
  • TV Commercial :15 or less (Skatefactory)
  • TV Commercial :30 (Q-bot)
  • TV PSA :30 (Seemore the Safety Crab)
  • Print 36 page On Your Side Safety Guide
  • Internet Commercials (Ripcurrents: Seemore the Safety Crab)

2007 Addy Awards of Excellence

  • :30 PSA (Seemore the Safety Crab-Rip Currents)
  • Commerical TV Campaign (Granny Cantrell’s)  *Gold Addy
  • Self Promotion Image Campaign (News 13 “Everyday”)  *Gold Addy (This won Silver)
  • Self Promotion Single (Medicare Part D)      *Regional Winner for State of Florida

2006 Addy Awards of Excellence

  • TV Self Promotion Campaign (News 13 On Your Side)
  • Local :30 Commercial (Tyndall Boat Loan)
  • TV Self Promotion Single (Take My Job, Rob)

If you would like to find out more about News13 Creative Services or Pricing, call us today! A good conversation doesn't cost anything.

News 13 Creative Services