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New Bill Restricts Tattoo Industry
01/21/10 - 06:27 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

A new Florida bill could stop some teenagers from getting inked.

The new House Bill 729 on tattoo safety could make it harder for younger people to get one.

The proposal comes under Florida House Bill 729.  Right now any minors in Florida can get a tattoo if their parents sign for them.  The new bill would say anyone under the age of 16 cannot be tattooed, with or without parent permission. Teenagers 16 or 17 years old would still need a parent to sign for them. 

Artists say they are already having problems with people using underground tattoo shops. Health officials say the risks for doing this are high.

“Your skin is the major skin barrier for germs in the community,” Kerry Hunt with the Bay County Health Department said. “Once you break that skin barrier, you have the potential for infection.

Right now all tattoo artists in Panama City Beach have to be certified. Artists in Panama City do not. The new bill would make every tattoo artist register with the Florida Department of Health.

District 7 Representative Marty Coley says the bill was probably put on the table as a public service. She says the house will consider everything before making a decision on House Bill 729.

If passed, the new tattoo act will take effect July 1st this year.

User Comments

This is another Law just to take control over the parents responsibility and give it to the state. I would not have a child tattoo, but it not up to me to tell another parents what to do with their kids.

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