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Unemployment High, but Might Change
01/22/10 - 04:36 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

More people are having trouble snagging a job.  Florida, including Bay County, saw a rise in unemployment for December.

Unemployment numbers rose to 11.8 percent for the state.  Bay County unemployment rose to 11.5 percent.

Experts with the Gulf Coast Workforce Center say unemployment is the highest it has ever been in Bay County since 1994. However, communications coordinator Maria Goodwin says December is always a rough month for the county.  She says tourism typically falls and less jobs are available.  Goodwin says Bay County could see a turn around though.

Places like Buffalo Wild Wing in Panama City Beach plan to hire about 100 full time people to work all year.  So far they have about 300 applications to sort through. They already started the hiring process.

Managers say many of these jobs on the beach are moving toward year-round positions. This is because numerous construction projects promise to bring more people to the area within the next year.

They’re encouraging people to not give up.

“We say this lot at the workforce center: If you’re not working, then your job should be to find a job,” Gooodwin says.

For a local list of job postings, visit www.workforcecenter.org.

User Comments

Legalizing casino gambling will solve all this and add the needed jobs it will bring from a 1000% increase in needed tourisim the ONLY real industry that is here. It will fill the restaurants,hotels,condo’s and create offshoot satelitte businesses.
These politicians have zero vision except to do more of the same.
We need to vote against all incumbents,every election,every time until they get the message.
New revenue is needed. To get new revenue you need to have something NEW! not the same old song and dance. Casino gambling is NEW!

Posted by retired one  on  01/24  at  01:00 PM

why should they quit stealing from us? we just keep on letting them steal !! its time to kick all these jerks out and elect some people that stand for we the people!!!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/22  at  09:51 PM

To help out the situation the state, county’s, and City’s will find a way to rise more tax’s and service charge’s. As the people are doing without just to make their bill’s and keep care of their family’s. The state, county’s and city’s dose not have to stay within a budget, they just let it grow on the back of the people.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/22  at  09:36 PM
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