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Bay County Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner & Awards Ceremony
01/22/10 - 10:15 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

The Bay County Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their accomplishments after an annual dinner and awards ceremony Friday.

It was a packed house as business leaders from around Bay County gathered at the Edgewater Beach Resort to recognize some of Bay County’s best.

Among the awards given was the Lauren Merriam award,  the Jerry Mills Small Business of the Year award, and Member of the Year award.

During the ceremony, 2009 chairman Sean McNeil passed the gavel to the new chairman, David Powell.

Carol Roberts, the president of the chamber, tells News13 that she and the other members of the chamber see hope for the economy in 2010.

“We are definitely seeing a turn around in the economy but we still have some on-going issues that we will continue to pursue in 2010 which started in 2009 and of course the Sallie Mae issue we want to ensure that those jobs stay in Bay County.”

Friday night’s ceremony marks the 97th year for the chamber.

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