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Grand Lagoon Project to Force Temporary Road Closure
01/22/10 - 02:52 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

The Grand Lagoon Project on Panama City Beach will experience a temporary road closure.  It is estimated that the closure will begin Monday, January 25th and continue for five (5) weeks through the month of February. 

The small area effected will be from 4823 to 4723 Thomas Drive.  This area is near Panama City Dive Center to Patches Pub. Businesses along the road closure will remain open with access.

East bound traffic traveling to St. Andrews State Park or near-by condominiums will use a detour to a temporary two-way road near Alvin’s Island during this timeframe.

Additionally, motorists should anticipate brief delays as construction equipment and personnel enter and exit the roadway. Every attempt will be made to minimize delays to motorists. Motorists are reminded to use caution while traveling through the construction zone, speeding violations double when workers are present.

The project’s web site, www.grandlagoonproject.com, is a source for more information about the entire project.

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