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According To JimAccording to Jim - Jim Belushi stars as Jim, the macho everyman, with a soft spot for his beautiful wife, Cheryl, and their three precocious kids -- Ruby, Gracie and Kyle. A success at his construction business and the family breadwinner, at home Jim seems to keep Cheryl in constant turmoil with his boyish bravado and ever-willful antics.
Dr. PhilDr. Phil - is an engagingly offhand, down-to-earth, balding, Southern-accented gentleman... He dispenses advice on all sorts of moral, legal, and personal issues, counseling warring families and other such domestic combatants with a combination of harsh nagging, pragmatism, and an abundance of hugs and tears.
Entertainment TonightEntertainment Tonight - ET is a daily, half-hour, nationally syndicated entertainment newsmagazine, reporting on breaking news events, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes first looks, and Hollywood's hottest stories from the worlds of film, television, fashion, literature and interactive media.
The ViewThe View - recipient of the 2003 Daytime Emmy® Award for "Outstanding Talk Show," is ABC Daytime's morning chatfest, featuring a team of dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the day.
George LopezGeorge Lopez - George Lopez is a guy who has made lemonade from lemons at every turn. Since he became plant manager at an L.A. airplane parts factory, he has handled a complicated and tumultuous job, a strong but challenging marriage, two rebellious children and a mother who can't keep track of her own lies about his childhood -- all with his sense of humor intact.


M-F 11A-12P

Daily syndicated series hosted by cardiac surgeon and trusted health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz. “The Dr. Oz Show” is an entertaining, high octane, multi-topic hour that is equal parts life-saving information combined with an “embarrassment-free zone" sensibility where nothing is off limits or out of bounds.   The show is all about YOU -- what impacts viewers, their families, their health and their well-being.


On the road, at the studio or in his workshop, Ron Hazelton is on a mission: to provide people with the friendly advice and motivation they need to improve their homes and surroundings.


In the hidden Antarctic base of The Ancients where the creators of the Stargates lie, a new discovery has revealed the Pegasus Galaxy, which is home to the lost city of Atlantis. A team of explorers led by Major John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), Dr. Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson) and Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) embark on a mission to investigate the city and bring back its secrets to Earth. The one drawback, however, is the team does not have enough power to return home. Believing there must be at least one planet in the Pegasus Galaxy that possesses the required technology, the crew passes through an unexplored network of Stargates in their endless quest to find a way back.


The Outdoorsman premiered in 1985 - on one T.V. station in Missouri. Since then, it has become the largest syndicated outdoor adventure series in the USA.  The Outdoorsman includes exciting adventures shot on location, internationally and domestically.  The series presents celebrity guests and brings ,

The most dramatic moments of life are captured in this award winning television series. Mother Nature traps innocent lives in impossible situations...as ordinary people become heroes and overcome the odds to survive. Storm Stories is the most highly acclaimed unscripted weather-related drama series in television history.