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Reported Armed Robbery Exposed as “Drug Deal Gone Bad”
01/16/10 - 10:37 PM
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click for larger image Callaway, Fla:

An incident reported as an armed robbery terrifies nearby residents before being exposed as a “drug deal gone bad.”

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office got a call about 3:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon that 26-year-old Jason Cropper had been robbed of $200 at the Beeline gas station on Cherry Street.

Cropper originally told authorities another man dressed all in black pointed a gun at him and demanded money. Cropper said he gave him $200 in cash he had in his pocket.

News 13 spoke with investigators who say after questioning inconsistencies in Cropper’s story he finally admitted he made the whole thing up after being ripped off while trying to buy drugs.

The investigators believe the real story is Cropper was trying to buy prescription drugs from another person behind the gas station. That person took his money and ran and he needed a way to get back the money.

Cropper is charged with filing a false report of a commission of a crime and the investigation is ongoing.

No word on the other man alleged to be involved.

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