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Heavy Rain Negates Deer Point Draw Down
01/22/10 - 06:12 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

If you take a look at Deer Point Lake, you see no sign of the scheduled draw down. It’s filled to the brim.

“It’s about 4 inches right now, from being level pool,” said Florida Fish and wildlife Conservation Commission officer, Virgil Smith.

Bay County controls the water to control wildlife, but Mother Nature took a toll on the task at hand.

“Basically, negated it,” said Assistant County Manager, Dan Shaw.

It’s almost as if the draw down never happened, heavy rains put the waters at high levels. The grass, once completely exposed, is now completely covered.

“It’s a beautiful place to come, regardless of grass or no grass,” said fisherman, Lee Ethridge.

But, the weeds force boaters to wrangle through the waters and can cause damage to docks. That’s why fisherman Lee Ethridge puts faith in the fact the county’s trying to make a difference.

“They’ve been saying it was going to go away for ten years, and it’s still here but at least they’re trying something. A for effort,” said Ethridge.

The county continues to press forward despite the setback.
“We have our gates open as far as we can go, and we’re letting the water out as fast as we can,” said Shaw.

The water should go back down about two feet in the next week or so. As the levels decrease… water conditions should continue to improve.

The drawdown is set to continue for the next thirty days.

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