wmbb.com - Fourteen-year-old Charged with Felony Aggravated Child Abuse
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Fourteen-year-old Charged with Felony Aggravated Child Abuse
01/14/10 - 11:39 AM
Panama City Police Department
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click for larger image Panama City, Fla:

The Panama City Police Department announces the arrest of Ahzajnea Monique Jones, 14 years of age. Jones is being charged with Aggravated Child Abuse. On January 12, 2010 a report was filed in reference to possible child abuse. The Panama City Police Department was notified by the Department of Children and Families after they were notified by officials at a local elementary school. The Department of Children and Families and the Panama City Police Department conducted an investigation and determined that the child was beaten with a leather belt. Although the victim’s injuries were not life threatening they were severe and numerous. The victim suffered injuries to his face, neck, right ear, chest, arms and back. Jones was arrested at 6:00 P.M. On January 13, 2010 without incident.

If you have any information in reference to this case or any other crime please contact the Panama City Police Department at or on our website at www.panamacitypolice.com. You can also remain anonymous and report your tips to CrimeStoppers at 850-785-TIPS (8477).

User Comments

Just One question, Where was the parents of this CHILD? Also, did it happen at his house or out on the street? If it happened outside of the home then I retract the first question. But one has to ask, Why was this child so voilent that he had to beat another child with a belt? I am not posting to start conservercy but just looking for a few answers the media has not gotten yet. Just my comment

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