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Escaped Fugitive Captured After 12 Days of Fugitives
12/21/09 - 03:54 PM
Associated Press
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click for larger image Tallahassee, Fla:

Florida law enforcement authorities pull off a rare capture of an escaped prison convict who’s been on the run for more than 30 years.

Police caught up with convicted armed robber Oscar Richardson in Missouri over the weekend after they received an anonymous tip through their “12 Days of Fugitives” campaign.

That campaign started two weeks ago. It’s featuring Florida’s 12 most wanted and most violent prison escapees.

Richardson robbed two stores at gunpoint in Tampa in 1977 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He escaped less than two years later from a Department of Corrections work release center in Kissimmee.

Authorities say he had started a new life in Missouri. He was involved in a long-term relationship there and had an adult child.

When officers arrested him, the first thing Richardson asked was, “How did you find me here.”

“We established that Richardson was living under the name of Eugene Ward in the town of Ridgedale, Missouri on the Missouri-Arkansas border. We contacted the U.S. Marshals Southwest Missouri Fugitive Task Force and they arrested him at 3 p.m. Saturday,” Gerald Bailey, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner said.

“To all fugitives, I’d like to say it doesn’t matter how long ago you escaped and it doesn’t matter where you’re hiding. We are hot on your trail and we are steadily searching for you. You need to know that we will never stop looking for you,”  Richard Davison of the Florida Department of Corrections

Richardson had been on the run longer than any of the other convicts targeted by the “12 Days of Fugitives” campaign. They are all considered cold cases.

Bailey says the program will continue through January and be featured on the TV show “America’s Most Wanted.” The campaign is offering cash for tips that lead to arrests like this one. The tipster in Richardson’s case will receive the maximum reward of $2,500.

Pictures of the fugitives are appearing in newspapers, on Web sites and on billboards. You can see them online as well at www.fdle.state.fl.us.

If you have any information about one of them, call 1-877-FLA-WANTED ().

User Comments

And as for bond agencies paying rewards….they are more crooked then the wanted person. I know this place that used to sell fake watches, then they moved up to car insurance, and now they are bail bondsman. And if you called in the tip to lets say tipsters, they pay them 10%, the tipsters tells you to go to them for the reward, and they tell you, go to them for the reward, and back and forth until you get the message.

escapees, prisons barely has money to pay their underwage employees more less you.

sorry folks, once again, money aint free.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/23  at  09:58 AM

“The campaign is offering cash for tips that lead to arrests like this one.”

True but here are the circumstances of receiving the reward that they do not tell you on here or the news or wanted signs with that reward thing.

You cant be a convicted felon, you cant know the person “personally” or knowing you will testify in behalf of that person in trial. Having to testify “against” that person in trial “being called in anytime they need you to regardless of your job or life.

Pretty much that reward is offered to law enforcement employees or bounty hunters, not the general public. Suppose you know the wanted person, so you turn the person in for the reward, and the investigators learn you knew about this person being wanted months or years prior to calling that person in, well now you broke the law by not telling them earlier, you are no longer entitled to that reward. Its that simple.

Sorry folks, money dont grow on trees.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/23  at  09:50 AM
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