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Hancock to Hire
12/21/09 - 06:06 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

Some change is on the horizon for what used to be Peoples First Community Bank.  Hancock Bank officially opened this morning and administration says that you may see some fresh faces among Hancock employees after the new year.

Not according to CEO Carl Chaney, Jerry. Employees of what was Peoples First are now Hancock employees and Chaney says things will stay that way”...and that the 29 branches are well situated to hire and not fire.

Words like failure, liability and loss come to mind when a bank takeover occurs. But according to Hancock Bank president and CEO Carl Chaney, employees can sleep tight this Christmas knowing that their jobs will be there waiting after the New Year:  “When you have a company that has been finding ways to cut costs and manage your expenses, the easiest way to do it is to do that in people costs.”

...and that’s what Peoples First did, leaving lots of job vacancies available. Chaney says that instead of cutting employees, Hancock will be hiring:  “They’ve gone from just under 500 employees down to 300 and some odd number of employees, so what we’ve learned is that in the branches, there actually are a lot of vacancies.”

For example: every branch has a manager. Peoples First had to cut that job at several branches and assign one person to manage multiple branches.  Now Hancock will be able to hire these positions back “…we’re actually excited about the opportunity to come in a fill these vacancies.  We want to fully staff the branches so that customers can have that customer service that they’ve been used to in the past.”

According to Chaney, the biggest challenge that Hancock is having to overcome right now is handling outstanding loans, but Hancock assures its new customers that their loans and deposits are safe.

The bank plans to offer new products to customers after New Years’ including investment and insurance products as well.

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