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Authorities Release Identity of Man Found in Watson Bayou
12/22/09 - 05:38 PM
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click for larger image Panama City, Fla:

Authorities are awaiting an autopsy to reveal the cause of death for a man found floating in Watson Bayou this morning.

Police responded to a call at around 7:40 this morning that a man’s body was floating in the bayou at the marina. According to police the man is 65 year-old John McBroom of Bainbridge, Georgia. Sgt. Jeff Becker with the Panama City Police Department says investigators are in the midst of an investigation and they aren’t ruling anything out.

Larry Plant wakes early Tuesday morning to a harrowing discovery:  “I come up and I noticed that there was a cop car sitting here; got to looking around and there was yellow tape everywhere and I looked over and there was a man in the water.”

He saw that the man was unresponsive and didn’t know what to think.  “Didn’t appear to be moving…I figured he was probably gone.”

Plant says that he was shocked to witness the crime scene before him since Watson Bayou is usually a serene hideaway: “…that’s what I like about being here, you know? It’s away from the world, man, there’s no violence, you know?”

At 7:40 this morning police received a call stating that a body was floating in the water at Watson Bayou Marina.
Sgt. Jeff Becker of the Panama City Police Department comments that “We are in the early stages of an investigation into a deceased person. We have a call we received earlier today. A family member had found a man floating in the water.”

The man is 65 year old John McBroom of Bainbridge, Georgia, an investment banker and well-respected member of the community. He was discovered in the water by his son “…the son had actually known that his father was here, so he went looking for him but he wasn’t reported missing or anything like that.”

Larry Plant owns a boat at Watson Bayou Marina and didn’t know McBroom very well:  “…I’ve seen his car; I’ve seen him around…”

But plant says he saw McBroom last night “…they seemed to be having a good time; I was working on my boat.”

Authorities say details in the ongoing investigation are hazy at this point, but that sincere condolences extend to the McBroom family.

The body has been delivered to the District 14 Medical Examiner’s Office. The autopsy will reveal cause of death and hopefully will answer many outstanding questions regarding the case.

If you have any information regarding this or any other case contact the panama city police department at .

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