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A Non-Traditional Christmas
12/25/09 - 10:25 PM
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click for larger image Panama City, Fla:

For some families there are only so many toys to play with and helpings of turkey to eat. That’s why some Bay County residents are choosing some unorthodox activities this Christmas night.

The parking lots at the movie theaters were packed and tons of people were pouring in to catch a movie…Avatar and Sherlock Holmes seemed to be the most popular.  Not many restaurants were open, but some people are trying some new Christmas traditions.

It’s December the 25th and Alison Pritchard and Aaron Montel are at Kobe Sushi Bar and Japanese Steakhouse. They’ve done the traditional Christmas thing for years, but this year they’re far away from family. So they decided to try something new.  Alison says “We went to one once and he really liked it so I said ‘OK well Kobe’s open and that’s definitely something that’s out of the box and fun.’”

They haven’t been in Panama City long, so it was hard to figure out what they wanted to do for Christmas. Alison says that her family in Orlando has started to celebrate Christmas later now:  “It just depends on when everybody can get home now that everybody’s all grown up and everything like that. It’s always a little harder to get everyone together right on the holiday.”

Others are taking a different approach all together and heading to the movie theaters.  Jennifer Garrett and her husband have taken quite a different approach to Christmas activities this year.  Moviegoers say there’s only so much Christmas to be had…”We’ve already had all the fun we could at home!”

Whatever you do for Christmas, enjoy it. Bottom line: Christmas is special and individual to each family: “Holidays don’t always have to be spent the same way every year.”

Whole families were together at Kobe and at the movie theater. So it seems like many families wanted to get out but did it together. After all, Christmas is about spending time with those you love, no matter what you do.

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