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Modern Medicine: High Tech Weight Loss
12/24/09 - 12:02 PM
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Many of us overeat during the holidays.  As the holidays come and go, it’s then time to make those New Year’s resolutions, such as losing weight.  To lose weight, you need to do the math.  Doctors say it’s a combination of calories taken in compared to calories burned.  To lose one pound of fat, you have to burn an additional 3,500 calories.

You can do this through a combination of exercise and calorie reduction.  For example, say you exercise for 30 minutes and burn 500 calories, then reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories each day, you would lose a pound in about four days.

There are many online tools to help you with your calculations.  One tool we found is the Physical Activity Selector from the Shape Up America website.  Another helpful tool is to keep a nutrition diary.  Write down what you eat each day, and then you can use an online calculator to find out how many calories are in the food you eat. 

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