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Tracking Santa
12/24/09 - 05:30 PM
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click for larger image Tyndall AFB, Fla:

Tonight is the night.  Children all across the panhandle are anticipating a visit from old St. Nick.
To make sure he gets to all of our homes without any problems, the men and women at Tyndall Air Force Base are doing their part to track Santa.

The high tech equipment at Tyndall Air Force Base is quite impressive as members of NORAD keep an eye on the radar systems for Santa and his reindeer. 

Large radar screens line the NORAD operations center as flights are monitored from all over North America.

Of course, the flight every child is concerned about is that of Santa.

The tradition of tracking St. Nick began in 1958 with a phone call to Santa from a child.  The problem, it went to a wrong number. 

Col. William Platt, of the 601st air and space operations center explains.  He says, “Back in 1958 this all started.  Children were calling a Sears number.  The number was printed wrong and wound up getting a person at NORAD.  They guy that answered the phone was a Col. Like myself and he decided to play along and we wound up with a tradition.

You can see exactly where Santa will be and at what time by tracking him yourself. 

You can find the link on our Tracking Santa story.  You’ll find fun games, information about Santa’s sleigh and how many cookies he eats while delivering gifts Christmas Eve. 

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