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Christmas Tree Recycling
12/26/09 - 02:30 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

Bay County residents looking for an easy, environmentally friendly way to dispose of used Christmas trees this year can drop them off at various locations throughout the county for conversion to electricity at the county’s waste-to-energy facility.

From Dec. 26 through Jan. 10, Bay County residents and business owners may drop their Christmas trees off for processing at no charge at the following locations:

Bay County Waste-to-Energy Facility
6510 Bayline Dr.
Bayou George

Bay County Fairgrounds
Sherman Avenue and U.S. 98,
Panama City

H.G. Harders Park
7900 John Pitts Road
Bayou George

Pete Edwards Field
7300 McElvey Road
Panama City Beach

The trees collected at these locations will be used as fuel at the Bay County incinerator. About the Bay County incinerator:

Waste-to-energy facilities use waste products for fuel, such as household garbage and yard debris. This helps reduce our demand for fossil fuels and our dependence on foreign oil.

The incinerator converts household garbage and other trash into enough electricity each year to power approximately 47,000 average-size residences.
The waste-to-energy facility is an ecologically friendly process that produces very little atmospheric emissions, far less greenhouse gases than a conventional landfill and drastically reduces the amount of waste that we landfill each year.

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