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Bear Creek Feline Sanctuary Tour
12/27/09 - 07:30 PM
WMBB News Department
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If you are a cat lover then you will love this story.  About a 25 minute drive up Hwy. 231 from the Panama City Mall will take you to the Bear Creek Feline Sanctuary.

This non profit origination held its first open house Sunday to show off some of their big cats.  With just a small donation of supplies, anyone can see the feline species first hand.

This facility has seven species of cats including a Florida panther, Colorado mountain lion and Jaguarondis.

The organization adopts big cats that would have probably have been euthanized.

Jim Broaddus tells News 13 that all the cats are here to stay, and that the organization relies soley on donations to keep the cats safe and healthy.

Click the video to the right for a closer look at the Bear Creek Sanctuary.

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