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Proposed Reef Fish Amendment 32
01/14/10 - 09:59 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

Things could be changing when it comes to fishing as well.  The proposed reef fish amendment 32 brought people together Thursday night looking for answers.

The National Marine Fisheries service is scoping - that means they are trying to identify the issue and impact of recreational fishing of Gag and Red Grouper.

The 2009 stock assessment update shows that both Gag and Red grouper were significantly impacted by an event in 2005, most likely red tide.

The councils scientific and statistical committee reccomends that the catch be reduced.

Amendment 32 could mean those fishing for grouper would have to purchase a stamp that would help monitor how many fish are being harvested by the public.

A final decision won’t be made until more public hearings are held.

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User Comments

The coverage is a little misleading.  It is much more than just a grouper stamp.  On the table is a number of factors to include:

Rebuilding Plan for Gag
Annual Catch Limits and Annual Catch Targets
Gag and Red Grouper Accountability Measures
Adjustments to the multi-use shares in the commercial grouper and tilefish individual
fishing quota system
Recreational Bag Limits, Size Limits, and Closed Seasons for Gag and Red Grouper .. 19
Bycatch Issues
Commercial Bycatch
Consideration of Fish Traps as Allowable Gear
Recreational Bycatch - Keep the first gag caught (i.e., regardless of size)
Data Collection and Monitoring Programs
Fish tag program
Fish stamp program
Time and Area Closures
Public-proposed Initiatives to Improve Data Collection
Recreational Sector Separation
Vessel Monitoring System
Telephone or Web Based Reporting System
Electronic Logbooks
Grouper Endorsements


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