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Problem Solver Stories for 2009 Part One
12/22/09 - 05:25 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

The year 2009 is quickly coming to a close.  We have brought you stories of many kinds this year and some hopefully have made a positive difference in your life.  Here is a review some of the stories in part one of a special report.

At the first of 2009, we looked at a potentially dangerous hazard along 17th street in Lynn Haven street.  It is a well traveled road.  Concerns were brought to news 13 about the drainage ditches and how at one point.. The drop off of the road is about 15 feet down.  We learned about a long-term plan to address the safety issues included storm water modifications in the area…to pipe in the ditch.

By September, all permits had been cleared and work began.  This is a long-term…phase by phase project as money is appropriated.

In February, one Panama City Beach resident told us about turn lane confusion on a city street.  Previously, the turn lanes looked puzzling to some motorists   westbound on Front Beach Road.. approaching the intersection with Hutchison Boulevard.  Beach resident Kurt Weller told us about the problem and on the day we checked out the situation…he said, “You can see behind us…there’s somebody right now, they’ve turned into the wrong lane.”  Problem Solver pointed out the issue to the Florida dept of transportation.  After its study, FDOT responded by putting up new signage and yellow delineator posts to help motorists.

Bicycles and cars sharing the roads around Bay County…it is a common sight. Accidents can and have happened this year.  One cyclist told us his story of dangerous close calls.  Benjamin Dykes told us, “Drivers comes behind me…hits horn… Says some obscenities…gives a swerve of the car…missed me by inches.”  We presented Problem Solver segments on the rules of the road as it pertains to riding a bicycle and what motorists should keep in mind.

And, after fatal accidents that have happened in the last year or so in Bay County, we looked closely at school bus stop safety showing the dangers of motorists who run past stopped buses.

Over the past twelve months, Problem Solver reports have touched on expediting a major road project to make travel safer for thousands of bikers coming to Bay County for a popular event; pointed out community eyesores and told how code enforcement continues to deal with those issues, and pointed out the dangers of texting while driving and how you can make sure you don’t find yourself in an accident.  A look closer at those stories and more next week.

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