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H1N1 Vaccine Available for Veterans in Northwest Florida
12/29/09 - 01:28 PM
Veteran Affairs - Gulf Coast Division
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The Department of Veterans Affairs Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System announces that the H1N1 vaccine is now available for veterans who are enrolled at any of the VA outpatient clinics in Escambia, Okaloosa and Bay counties in Florida.

Veterans seeking this vaccine must be Florida residents.

The VAGCVHCS operates clinics in Pensacola (790 Veterans Way, Hwy 98), near Eglin Air Force Base (100 Veterans Way, off Eglin Parkway) and on the Naval Support Activity in Panama City (6703 West Hwy 98). 

Veterans in Panama City will need to set up an appointment (toll free: ) or already have a clinic appointment to receive the vaccine, due to installation access restrictions.  Veterans in or near Pensacola and Eglin AFB can receive the vaccine on a walk-in basis.

Veterans who have not yet enrolled to receive VA health care should bring their DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, or other proof of honorable military service.

No appointments will be taken in Panama City until after Jan. 4. For more information, call , ext. 1-2500. 

For more information about the VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System, visit: http://www.biloxi.va.gov.

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