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Problem Solver Stories for 2009 Part Two
12/29/09 - 05:20 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

The goal of the News 13 Problem Solver department is to try to help find solutions as best as we can.  Thankfully, we have been able to help some folks in our area this year or at least provide important information on ways to prevent problems.  This is Part Two of a special on your side Problem Solver review.

In April of this year, a major road project was underway on U. S. 98 in front of Gulf Coast Community College.  As part of the resurfacing, the pavement was given a rough texture.  One Panama City Beach resident sent a Problem Solver email about the upcoming Spring Thunder Beach event.  He raised safety questions about thousands of bikers expected to travel over the rough pavement.  News 13 contacted the Florida Department of Transportation…which pushed up the work schedule…and completed resurfacing.  That provided a smoother and safer highway before the start of the big event.

We also looked at road issues of a different kind…the growing problem of texting while driving.  I asked Florida State Trooper Corporal Donnie Chapman if he had stopped someone on the highway after observing them texting while driving.  He told me, “I suppose that’s what’s going on…but nobody wants to admit to it.”  And state leaders agree.  Next spring, Florida may join other at least 19 other states by passing a measure to ban texting while driving.

Old, deteriorated, abandoned homes are not good for any community.  We were notified of some homes that had been vacant in Springfield for almost 20 years.  While on location, Springfield Code Enforcement officer Lee Penton told me, “I would not want to live next door to one of them.”  Springfield Code Enforcement continued efforts to find the owners of the run-down, empty homes. Or move to take action to clean them up.

It has been a tough year for many finding work.  One Navy veteran from Bay County felt vets had an even tougher time getting a job.  News 13 helped Stanley Jones get additional assistance in his job search and helped him connect with other veterans also looking for work.
And, after receiving a complaint about the Humane Society of Bay County, we did a Problem Solver check at its combined Thrift Store and Animal Shelter located on 23rd Street in Panama City.  We were told their facilities pass fire inspection, but also got word of the continued need for volunteers to help sort through items to be sold at the store.  The shelter hopes to raise funds to return the animals to the previous larger facility that is located just off of 15th Street.
Some of the problems brought to us were resolved without ever making it on the air due to various time factors.  Unfortunately, we were not able to solve all issues immediately brought our way…but we did our best, and, will continue to do so in 2010.


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With so many people texting while driving, it’s definitely a big problem.  New laws are one way to cut back on it, but the people can also take steps to be safer.  Stop texting or use some of the new apps and devices that make it less distracting.  There’s a brand new iPhone app, StealthType SMS,  that can be used to type a complete and accurate message without looking at the phone or talking to it.  Pretty cool.  If you have an iPhone, you should be able to search for “StealthType” in the app store or iTunes. Be safe

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