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Walton County Prepares for Flooding
12/17/09 - 05:42 PM
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click for larger image Walton County, Fla:

As the Choctawhatchee river rises, folks in Walton County prepare for floods.

“Probably going to be messy around here for about a week,” said resident, Rocky Gainey.

Over the next few days, the water level is expected to rise nearly 8 feet. It’s already at flood level. According to the National Weather Service it may reach its 4th highest level ever recorded.

“Seems like to me every year it’s getting worse and worse and worse,” said resident, Clifton Foreman.

Experienced residents watch the water levels to determine if they should leave, but there’s no intention to move. This river is what they call home.

“You pay the price to live on the water,” said Gainey.

Gainey is used to the inconvenience. He and his neighbors set up shop on high ground to get ready for about a week of high waters. They’ve moved cars brought out coolers full of food and put up camp.

“Move in and out and in and out so much, it’s gotten to be where it’s a normal thing,” said Gainey.

All along the river, you’ll find homes ready for the rush.

“When the river floods, that’s just the price of being here in paradise,” said resident, Ron Hardy.

Despite the pretty scene for the next few days, it’s predicted to get ugly.

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I guess the difference between a “Chief Weather Forecaster” and a Chief Meteorologist is one went to school and the other didn’t.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/17  at  07:22 PM
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