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Springfield Police Searching for Credit Union Robbery Suspect
12/14/09 - 11:36 AM
WMBB News Department
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click for larger image Springfield, Fla:

Springfield Police officers are searching for a suspect that robbed the Bay Credit Union branch at 110 Everitt Avenue this morning.

According to Assistant Chief Barry Roberts, a black male entered the building at approximately 10:40 am this morning, showed a teller a silver handgun and left the bank with an undetermined amount of cash.

Authorities from the Springfield Police Department, the Panama City Police Department and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the suspect.

According to Bay District Schools spokeperson Karen Tucker, Margaret K. Lewis School, located at Kraft Avenue, is under lockdown until further notice.

News 13 has a reporter on the scene. Continue to check at wmbb.com for more details, as well as News 13 Live at Five and News 13 at Six for more details.

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