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Southwest to Fly to Nashville, Baltimore, Houston and Orlando
12/16/09 - 10:36 AM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

Southwest Airlines will be landing at the new airport in May.  Wednesday they officially announced the long awaited destinations.

“Our jets will be flying non stop between the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport and Orlando, Baltimore, Houston, and Nashville,” said VP of Southwest Bob Montgomery.

Southwest will be making two non-stop flights to each of the 4 destinations but you can also fly to 58 different cities.

“We’ll have great service to Dallas, Chicago, to the New York region, to the Boston region, and the west coast,” said Montgomery.

The announcement of the special opening fares got even more applause than the destinations. 

“Starting today you’ll be able to book a flight out of Panama City for as low as $49,” said Montgomery.

Those deals are only until December 18th, but they say the rates will stay low.

“Our regular fares…are 75%, in many cases, lower than the other carriers,” said Montgomery.

Airport board members say all the hard work is coming to fruition.

“It’s a dream come true for us,” said Airport Board member, Bill Cramer, “It’s is just the objective that we’ve been working for all these many years.  To bring down the price of traveling in and out of our area.”

Businesses in the area think the destinations are right on target.

“This opportunity is really unimaginable,” said Shipwreck Water Park General Manager, Buddy Wilkes.

You can book a flight here.  The website has been experiencing some problems. 
They have a number you can call, 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to book flights until it gets up and running again.

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