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Money Matters: Saving on Medical Care
07/15/09 - 11:46 AM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

Most of us are trying to save money in this tough economy, and the cost of medical care can put a real strain on your family.  There are things you can do to lower the cost.  We talked with local medical experts to find the top five ways you can save.

Tip #5:  Pill Splitting
Richard Moss, Diretor of Pharmacy Services at Bay Medical Center, says you should “have your physician write you a prescription for a tablet that’s twice as strong that you can cut in half.  You can pay a little bit more to get the more concentrated tablet and stretch it out by splitting it in half.”

Tip #4:  Ask for Generics
Moss says asking for generics can save you a lot of money, and the generics are federally regulated and approved.

Tip #3:  Use the Emergency Room only for True Emergencies
Medical experts say it’s an increasing trend across the country to use emergency rooms for general care.  This can cost a lot more money.  Dr. Mark Green, Bay Medical Center Emergency Room Medical Director, says it’s important to have a family physician you can visit to take care of illnesses such as a sore throat.  Emergency rooms are designed only for emergencies and cost more due to the expense of specialized equipment and emergency room specialists.

Tip #2:  Eat Healthy
We’ve all heard how important it is to eat healthy, but Bay Medical Center Dietician Cindy Shipman says it is good for you and saves you money in the long run.  She says avoiding processed foods will help your wallet and your overall health.

Tip #1:  Get in Shape
Doctors encourage you to avoid smoking and excessive drinking.  These activities can lead to chronic conditions such as cancer, liver problems and emphysema.  It’s also important to exercise.  Dr. Green says many physical activities such as swimming in the bay or running don’t cost anything. 

User Comments

Retired one, glad to see the Almighty appointed you as his “Judge” here on earth.  I understand we need healthcare reform and need it now.  But what we don’t need is bad reform or people like you thinking you have all the answers and can judge everyone else.  Hope the real “judge” looks with mercy upon you…someone needs too.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/03  at  03:59 PM

Pass the Free Choice Public Option and it will keep Emergency rooms for emergencies as the uninsured have zero recourse but to tie up the Emergency rooms. This is a National travesty as 44,000 a year are dead,every year, just because they’re poor. This is a fact! A Harvard Study found it could be even higher.
This is a MORAL issue and is a checkmate that we will never become a 3rd world country if we have Health Care for all. No free 3rd world country has medical coverage for all but all free countries have universal health care for their citizens except us!
I hope the uninsured keep jamming the Emergency rooms and demand even colonoscapthies and mamograms and keep going back over and over until America wakes up! It’s sad that some who call themselves Christian,would oppose help for the poor when it is now possible to get. Instead, voting to let 44,000 Americans die, just because they are poor. You are not Christian as you have sided with death for them when you could have helped!

Posted by retired one  on  11/03  at  07:18 AM

It is a fit idea, I appreciate your effort. Keep irrefutable up, pertinent work.
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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/03  at  01:13 AM
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