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Three Arrested in Connection with Sandy Creek Stabbing
01/27/10 - 09:18 AM
Bay County Sheriff Office
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen announced today the arrest of three in connection with a stabbing that occurred January 23, 2010 in the Sandy creek area of Bay County.

At about 7:30pm on January 23, the BCSO received a 911 call from a neighbor of the victim. The neighbor had discovered the victim lying in the front yard of a residence on Raintree in Sandy Creek. The victim had been stabbed in the chest.

The victim stated he had met two white men and a white female the previous day at Walmart and they had given him and his roommate a ride home from the store. The same three individuals had returned to the home on Raintree that day. While there with the victim, one of the man brandished a knife, stabbing the victim on the right side of the chest. The victim was also hurt on a hand.

The victim was able to get away and the three suspects left the home.

During the course of the investigation, information was developed that led investigators to identify the suspects as Austin Shaffer, DOB 7/28/93, of 1606 Friendship Avenue, Panama City; michael D. Corley DOB 7/8/85, 1109 Evergreen St., Fountain, and Jamie Victoria Key, DOB 7/7/92, 8643 ,N. Lagoon Drive, Panama City Beach.

These suspects were located tonight at a motel on Business Hwy 98. During questioning, all three stated they went to visit the victim with the intention of robbing him and then killing him. All three were arrested. Key and Corley were charged with Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery and Accessory After the Fact Attempted Murder. Shaffer was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery and Attempted Murder. Key and Shaffer were booked into the Bay County Jail and taken to DJJ. Corley was also booked into the jail and faces first appearance tomorrow.

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