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Bay District Schools & Upcoming Session
01/29/10 - 05:46 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

As Florida looks to fill a $3 billion budget hole the state must find a way to fit in education. It’s a big concern for Bay District Schools.

“What we want to see happen, may not be what happens at the state level,” said School Board Member, Ginger Littleton.

The class size amendment, computer based testing and FCAT are the area’s top talking points. What the school board vocalizes seems to mirror what voters want too.

“We need more money, better teachers, smaller classes,” said voter, Valerie Gallienne.

But schools here are not desperate, they are top notch. The Department of Education recognized Bay County as an academically high performing school district. That gives the district a little wiggle room when it comes to school schedules, but some say other state regulations hold the district back. That’s why area representatives want to help.

“In tough economic times, the school districts need some flexibility and we have given them flexibility over the last three years,” said Representative Jimmy Patronis, (R) District 6.

As the state representatives hit the drawing board citizens seem confident there can be a positive change.

“I’m hoping so,” said voter, Janet McKenzie.

“I don’t know if they will, but i believe they can,” said Gallienne.

Regular session starts up March 2nd and it’s clear education is a high priority.

“We have a certain amount of money, lets live within our means, lets make sure we are funding the core issues first,” said Representative Marti Coley, (R) District 7.

With the potential of 4% cuts across the budget, it may be a tough task.

User Comments

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Posted by barry51  on  01/30  at  07:12 AM

The state funding issue is a scam. The stimulous bill gave the state billions for education,teachers. The State lottery and Powerball has raked in billions for education.
The problem is the legislators roll those funds earmarked for education, into the general fund and then state there is no money for the schools or to raise teachers pay. They are crooks and need to be voted out of office. vote all incumbents out at every and any election. They continiue to fail to protect the interests of the majority of Floridians.
We want teachers paid a minimum of $35,000 a year to start and we want the school class sizes to be under 20 students. We want more janitors and maintenance of the buildings and landscaping that is clean.
Right now, a lot of the schools look and run like prisons. Some prisons look better, though than our schools.
Enough of cuts! Do your jobs and use the money you were given for schools and not your other pet projects.

Posted by retired one  on  01/29  at  07:12 PM
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