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Jenna Bush-Hager Headlines Chautauqua
01/29/10 - 04:34 PM
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click for larger image Defuniak Springs, Fla:

The Florida Chautauqua assembly conference is one of DeFuniak Springs’ many traditions. The conference has played host to some big name speakers. This year Jenna Bush-Hager headlined the conference.

The money the audience donated after Hager’s speech will go for UNICEF’s relief effort in Haiti. Those in the crowd say they were moved by Hager’s message of hope in troubled countries.

The Florida Chautauqua Assembly leaps to its feet when Jenna Bush-Hager walks into the room to speak. She comes to talk about her experiences working with women and children in the Caribbean:  “Because I think learning about a culture halfway across the world can expand you.”

The audience listened as Hager told some stories also featured in her book called Ana’s Story “…these children are dealing with staggering levels of poverty, dislocation and disease. They do not have adequate food, clothing, shelter, or medical care. “

But the speech is only one part of the 15th Annual Florida Chautauqua Assembly.

Hager and Walton County’s children were excited to see exotic animals from the Caribbean at the Walton County Fairgrounds. The theme of this year’s conference is “A Journey into the Caribbean.”
Kids visiting the animal exhibit at the Walton County Fairgrounds can even learn the difference between Jamaican and American foods.

Joan Winchester, a volunteer with one of Walton County’s Boy Scout troops says that Jamaicans “…might eat, their root vegetable might be yucca, while ours is the potato.”

Hager’s speech and visit to the wildlife exhibit begin a weekend-long celebration and conference for the Florida Chautauqua Assembly.

The conference will continue into tomorrow and will end Saturday.  For more information on the assembly and its events, click on the link below:


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