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Sea Turtle Cold Stun
01/08/10 - 06:15 PM
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click for larger image Gulf County, Fla:

Frigid water temperatures stun sea turtles.

“It’s too cold, it’s absolutely too cold,” said Gulf World Marine Park’s Carol Brown.

The winter weather, is literally a shock to the reptile’s system. After a night spent in near 30 degree waters, the Gulf County turtles are rendered helpless, on the brink of demise.

“They are just laying there looking dead, some of them are some of them aren’t,” said rescue volunteer, Lin Ahlstedt.

Ahlstedt spent the past two days, on a volunteer rescue mission. She patrolled the chilly waters and picked up motionless shells.

“I really didn’t think if I went out I would get back. You know, I’m at the end of my strength so it got hard,” said Ahlstedt.

She and other volunteers brought back buckets full of turtles. They saved, nearly 350 of the endangered species.

“We’re looking at frigid temperatures for the next few days, so if these guys were to remain out there in the bay, they wouldn’t make it,” said Brown.

The turtles are transported out of the chilly waters and taken to Gulf World where they can warm up.

“We’ll go out take care of them, bring them back rehabilitate them,” said Brown.

It’s clear the moment the turtles hit a more comfortable climate they start to come out of their shell.

“They’ll start warming up, and they’ll start moving around, becoming more life like,” said Brown.

Slow and steady, the turtles will get back on a regular pace. The intention is to get them back home to Gulf County.

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Mmmmm, sea turtles are delicious.

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