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Local Doctor Holds Book Signing
01/09/10 - 06:41 PM
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click for larger image Panama City Beach, Fla:

A local physician is making a splash this weekend with his new book. Dr. Mark Green of Panama City spent an evening examining Saddam Hussein back in 2003 and recently released a book chronicling the events.

At his book signing today at Hy’s Toggery at Pier Park, Dr. Green spoke with locals and visitors about his book. The owners of the store, Gary and Hy Wakstein, are both veterans and invited Dr. Green to hold a signing at the store. Dr. Green says that it’s exciting to get to talk with others about the brave people he served with in the Army: “…it’s an opportunity to get the story out about soldiers. I told you the other day that just the opportunity to share how awesome they are and to remind America to think about them and to pray for them.”

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