wmbb.com - Twelve-year-old Girl Transported to Hospital for Drug Overdose
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Twelve-year-old Girl Transported to Hospital for Drug Overdose
01/05/10 - 03:39 PM
Walton County Sheriff’s Office
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click for larger image Defuniak Springs, Fla:

On Monday afternoon, a 12-year-old child was transported by ambulance to the Emergency Room of Healthmark Regional Medical Center in DeFuniak Springs.  The child’s mother suspected the girl was under the influence of drugs.  Medical personnel did determine that the child was on some type of narcotic, but at first didn’t know what she had taken.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office personnel arrived at the ER to determine what happened.  The 12-year-old admitted to authorities that she had been doing drugs.  The girl was carrying prescription Saroquel and Darvaset.  She told a Deputy that she had gotten them from a sixteen-year-old cousin, and that she intended to sell the pills.

Due to the possibility of this incident taking place on school property, a Walton County School Resource Officer was notified.  At this time the case remains under investigation.

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