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100 New Jobs Could Become Reality
01/11/10 - 10:06 PM
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click for larger image Panama City, Fla:

It could mean more than 100 new jobs and millions of dollars for the local economy.  Panama City leaders are expected to sign a contract with a new industry previously known as “Project Nemo.” 

“I’m looking forward and finally seeing this happen and seeing it go to the owner and finally start that process,” said Economic Development Alliance representative Janet Watermeier, “That means that they’re creating an 8 and a half million dollar economic impact in wages alone in our local economy for new people to be able to have good work in these tough times.”

The city, along with the Community Redevelopment Agency and EDA have spent months persuading plumbing supply company, Coast Water Technology LLC, to choose Panama City.  First, they must sign a lease agreement for land near Hwy77 and 231.

“this would be no different than any landlord owning property and wanting to make sure that his tenant is economically sound so they’re putting in place the measures that any good business decision is made on,” said Watermeier.  City Commissioners vote on whether or not to approve the agreement at their regular meeting Tuesday.

“Before we enter in to a lease with Mr. Easter, he has to demonstrate his financial ability to improve the property to be able to produce these jobs,” said Panama City Mayor Scott Clemons.  The contract specifies a 60-day period which allows city leaders to change their minds.  It also requires proof that the industry is financially feasible, and the land environmentally sound.

“If he was to fail on the contract the land would revert to the city along with the improvements,” said Clemons, “It’s just one more way to protect the financial resources of the city.”

Clemons says he expects his fellow leaders to sign.  He says they’ve made the necessary revisions to protect the city’s interests and bring jobs and industry to the area.

“It really has been a lot of work,” said Clemons, “So it’s very rewarding to see that we’re actually going to get we think we’re going to get 150 jobs at a time when we really need it.”


User Comments

Get 10,000 new jobs if you legalize casino gambling at the beach along with full hotels,restaurants, and condo’s. You will have thousands of satellite jobs created along with a huge increase in year round tourisim. property tax cuts would be another benefit along with more tax money for education and schools.
Why let Biloxi, and 24 other states rake off this cash that we need?
The state already has the Lottery,numbers racquet,Powerball, Bingo, Dog and Horse Tracks,Jai-Lai,poker, and all other forms of state sanctioned gambling.
The hippocrites need to get out of Tallahassee, as we need NEW tax revenue and jobs along with a boost in tourisim.

Posted by retired one  on  01/12  at  11:05 AM
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