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Navy Equipment Goes to Help Haiti
01/15/10 - 09:25 PM
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click for larger image Bay County, Fla:

An estimated 100 thousand people are dead as Haiti continues to deal with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.  It’s spurring relief efforts from around the globe including some from Panama City’s Naval Surface Warfare Center.

“Anything we can do to relieve that suffering that’s what we were tasked to do and that’s what we want to do,” said CAPT Thomas Brovarone with the U.S Navy, “A lot of devastation took out all infrastructure, power lines, communications especially.”

Panama City’s warfare center has one piece of equipment that can help.  The Deployable Joint Command and Control (DJC2) was loaded on the U.S.S Batton and shipped to Haiti earlier this week.

“It’s got routers on board for setting up email networks, wireless networks, radio communications through international levels, it gets satellite feeds,” said Brovarone, “Any other major command site that’s what it is only it comes in a lot smaller package and it’s a lot more mobile.”

While it’s the only aid they’ve sent so far, more could be on the way.  The base has helicopters, hovercrafts and other equipment that can prove to be life-saving during disaster.

“Right now we’re standing by for any additional tasking our seniors tell us to go do,” said Brovarone, “America’s Navy is a global force for good and this is just one example of how the men and women of Panama City are meeting that expectation.”

Anyone else who wants to help Haiti relief efforts can donate non-perishable food and medical items to Wings of Compassion. Drop boxes are located at the Living Word Church on 19th St., Po’Folks locations, Complete Auto Care in Lynn Haven, and here at News13 on Harrison Ave.

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the hover crafts are called LCAC’s

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