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How it all works:

Which type entry to make?

Using the criteria on this page, decide if your submission will be an Event, a Things-To-Do or an Announcement.

Once you've made that determination - click on the appropriate link below to make your submission.

  • Submit an Event
  • Submit a Things-To-Do
  • Submit an Announcement

Tips for creating a meaningful entry:

  • Mapping Data - our maps are generated by Google, using the following entry fields:

    • Street Address
    • City Name (Use the name of the largest city in the vacinity - Example: Google Maps will map a Callaway or Parker address if you put Panama City, but it will not necessarily generate a map if you use Callaway or Parker as your city)
    • State
    • 5-digit Zip Code

    Tip: Make sure you have the correct information here and 9 times out of 10, Google will be able to generate a good map.

  • Directions - Use this field, if needed, to help the public better understand exactly were your event or establishment is located. Example: your event may be at in a certain building, that you've mapped with the address, city, state and zip... but it may be in the 3rd Floor Conference Room of this location. That would be what you'd want to place in the Directions field.

  • Your Event - Be descriptive. Give the people who are scanning this calendar, looking for somewhere or some way to spend their leisure time, the incentive to pick your Event as their final choice.

Correcting an erroneous or changed entry:

Email the with specific details of your post so it can be easily located and corrected. Corrections are accomplished on a "as time is available" basis, so it pays to take your time and double-check your entry prior to final submission.

The Panhandle Parade Calendar is designed to collect and display information from all around Northwest Florida that all of us can use to help plan our recreational and leisure time. It is also a place where anyone can "Get The Word Out" about what's important to them..

We hope to grow this site into Northwest Florida's primary one-stop reference site for recreational, cultural, leisure and entertainment related activities. If it's happening in Northwest Florida - it should be here.

Who populates this site? You do. By becoming a member of this site, you automatically become eligible to post your own information telling others all about your event, your business, your orgainzation.

When you register as a member, the only bit of personal information we ask for is your email address. It is only used to validate your registration and as a link to you as the poster of information on this site.

This site deals primarily with three types of entries.


An event is a happening that has definate start/stop dates and times, as well as a location of where it will take place.

Examples of "Events" would be:

  • College or High School Play
  • Yard Sale
  • Spring Festival
  • Concert
  • Book Signing
  • Fishing Contest
  • School Fair
  • Car Wash


A "Things-To-Do" is an activity, an organization or a business where people can visit and spend their recreational or leisure time at their own pace. A "Things-To-Do" would not be an "Event".

Examples of "Things-To-Do" would be:

  • Bowling Alley
  • Night Club
  • Lounge/Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Golf Course
  • Go Kart Track
  • State Park
  • Dance Studio

"Things-To-Do" on this site fall into several categories:

  • Non-Profit organization or activity. We provide Organization's Name, Address, Telephone. Expanded Information Included at no cost.
  • Governmental Interests, such as Florida State Parks, etc. We provide Organization's Name, Address, Telephone. Expanded Information included at no cost.
  • For-Profit businesses - We provide the Business Name, Address, and Telephone and place each business in the appropriate category/categories. Expanded Information available through


An Announcement is an item that is not an "Event" with distinct start/stop dates and times... nor is it considered a "Things-To-Do" item - in the context of this Community Calendar. An Announcement for purposes of this site, is non-profit in nature. Businesses that would like to announce a sale or a special should contact .

Examples of Announcements would be:

  • A call for assistance for a family that has been displaced from their home by a fire
  • A call to action to support a local organization through the purchase of their Cookbook or their Discount Card or their Coupon Book.
  • An effort to collect food and clothing to be donated to a local shelter.